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Status games for facebook

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What really matters in a relationship?
IF YOU Comment = looks .
IF YOU Like= personality .
Lets see who wins!!
Status By: anonymous
"Merry Christmas" *LMS*
My Song For You is...
[] White Christmas
[] Santa Claus is Coming to Town
[] Deck The Halls
[] Joy To The World
[] Winter Wonderland
[] Here Comes Santa Claus
[] Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer
[] Carol Of The Bells

How many Presents would I Give You ??
[] 0 :P
[] 2 :)
[] 1 [:
[] 3 ;)
[] 5 ;D
[] I don`t Even Know You !!

Santa Thinks that You...
[] Should be in Bad List ;P
[] Are in his Good List ;D
[] Don`t Know that He Exists ;[
[] Should Believe In Him
[] Should Write Him a Letter :D
[] Need to be more Patient :P

[] 1-3 ;P
[] 3-5 :|
[] 5-7 :)
[] 7-9 ;]
[] 10 ;D
[] Broke My Scale :D
Status By: anonymous
Like For A Fruit :)
[] PINEAPPLE: Your Cute :)
[] STRAWBERRY: your Sweet ;P
[] CHERRY: Your sexy :D
[] LEMON;You Should Txt Me
…[] KIWI: Your Awesome 8)
[] APPLE: I Love You ♥
[] MANGO: smashhable ;D
[] PEAR: We Need 2 Talk More :/
[] ORANGE: I Miss You ♥
[] BANANA: I Don’t Know You.. Lets Change That.
[] PEACH: Your Annoying :p
[] WAtERMELON: You Mean Everything 2 Me
Status By: anonymous
LMS ; For Report Card
Looks = []A []B []C []D []F
Personality = []A []B []C []D []F [](idk)
Swag/dress = []A []B []C []D []F
Our friendship = []A []B []C []D [x]F [](idk)
Date = [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] idk [] Already did
Hangout = [] Yes [] No [] Maybe
Friends = [] Yes [] No [] Idk
Love you:[] Yes [] No [] Idk [] just a little
Post This As Your Status = [] Yes [] No.
Status By: anonymous
You`re in kindergarten again. Use the first 7 people on your profile.
1. Your best friend:
2. The kid eating Glue:
3. The kid who steals your crayons:
4. The kid picking their nose:
5. The teacher`s pet:
6. The bully:
7. The class clown:
Status By: anonymous
If You Love Me............................Say It On My Wall.!
If You Think Im Cute....................Like My Status.!
If You Wanna Date Me.................Poke And I Wont Tell.!
If You Would Kiss Me...................Inbox Me A *MUAH* And I Wont Tell.!
If You Want To Date Me...............Inbox Me A ♥ And I Wont Tell.!
If You`re Brave.......... :*
Status By: anonymous
Me & ____ Would make a cute couple ♥
Comment Names .
Status By: anonymous
Tag with a comment that one person, who always catches you doing something weird. :)
Status By: anonymous
Math Test 50+50x0+1 = ?
LIKE IF - 51
Comment if - 1
Status By: anonymous
Rate the person who comments above you on this.
Status By: anonymous

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