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That awkward moment facebook statuses

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That awkward moment when someone calls your name and don`t know where the voice is coming from so you ignore it.
Status By: Brent
the awkward moment when your teacher can hear you talking crap about them and they give you the look
Status By: Brent
The awkward moment when you at your friends house and you ask for a snack and they say oh just ask my mom and you think oh I`m not hungry anyomore.
Status By: Kinzie
The awkward moment when you hear someone fart in class and the room becomes silent.
Status By: Ash
That awkward moment when your skating and a skater passes by and says are you a skater?
Status By: Lauren
Awkward moment of the day: When you finally find out that the guy you`ve been flirting with for the past several days is gay.
Status By: Kylynn
That awkward moment when your toys have made 3 movies behind your back
Status By: Sonja
That awkward moment when you lost your mom in a super market and you spend an hour running up and down trying to look for her and you`re 16...
Status By: Alessandra
That awkward moment when you reach over grab your cup to drink and just realize you have nothing left and thinking when did I take my last sip...
Status By: Herseyz
That awkward moment when you make eye contact with the guy next to you as your both using the urinals in the restroom.
Status By: Ryan

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